What is the garden but nature tamed?


It’s already all here – this garden we keep talking about.
We’re just trying to blur the lines
between indoor and outdoor,
to bring a little outside in,
and inviting you to join us.

Because it’s more than just having a pretty yard –
we want to take the garden a step further.
Or should we call it a step back?
Maybe it’s time to plan to un-plan.
To turn a corner down a street and be surprised (and delighted).
To throw the seed with your eyes closed tight.
And then let things happen. Just let go.
Let nature take over.

Because if you look around,
nature is already pretty good at this garden thing.
A little unexpected, and maybe a little unruly.
The edges jagged and the textures blended.

But also thoroughly artful.
And graceful and fluid.
And, well, perfect.

And the perfect inspiration for this growing community.

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