Jaywalking and Cardinal Sins

05.18.2017 | News & Events

We don’t have to watch Netflix for our entertainment these days.  We don’t need to tune into CNN to know that there are some birdbrains in this world, or that serious power struggles take place everywhere.  In fact, we don’t need cable at all to know the dynamics of what is happening in the world read more

Outdoors around Summers Corner: Ashley River Blue Trails

05.10.2017 | Community News, News & Events

One of the defining features of the Lowcountry is the abundant waterways, lakes and rivers that shape the landscape. Buffalo Lake, one of Summers Corner’s most striking landmarks, offers 94 freshwater acres for residents to catch a few fish, spend an easy morning paddling and admiring the wildlife, or simply enjoy some quiet time by the water’s read more

Terrariums Galore! How to bring the outdoors in

05.03.2017 | News & Events, Parks & Gardens News

We recently hosted a terrarium building class at the Corner House. Now we’re passing our learnings on to you!  Below, Rebecca Turk from Moore Botanical Gardens offers inspiration and guidance for making your own thriving terrarium gardens. Growing plants indoors just makes a home feel complete. It freshens our air, provides mental happiness and brings read more

The Rites of Spring

04.26.2017 | Community News, News & Events

The rite of spring has begun.  Across the neighborhood, the songs heralding its arrival are sung to the rhythmic snap of clippers, and the buzz of lawnmowers.  Neighbors wave to each other with salutes of solidarity, acknowledging the mixed emotions that come with the budding of the dogwoods and the greening of the grass.  There read more

Marco Polo: the pool’s open!

04.13.2017 | Community News, News & Events

Earlier this month the Summers Corner homeowners marked a big, wet milestone: the inaugural opening of the pool! If the smiles were any indication, this is going to be THE spot for summer fun, and the perfect place to beat that southern summer heat. We marked the occasion with a cook out and sweet treats read more