The Rites of Spring

04.26.2017 | Community News, News & Events

The rite of spring has begun.  Across the neighborhood, the songs heralding its arrival are sung to the rhythmic snap of clippers, and the buzz of lawnmowers.  Neighbors wave to each other with salutes of solidarity, acknowledging the mixed emotions that come with the budding of the dogwoods and the greening of the grass.  There read more

Marco Polo: the pool’s open!

04.13.2017 | Community News, News & Events

Earlier this month the Summers Corner homeowners marked a big, wet milestone: the inaugural opening of the pool! If the smiles were any indication, this is going to be THE spot for summer fun, and the perfect place to beat that southern summer heat. We marked the occasion with a cook out and sweet treats read more

What it’s like to live at Summers Corner

03.14.2017 | Community News, News & Events

Wake up to the sound of a Carolina Wren’s teakettle song outside your window. (So much better than an alarm). Resist the impulse to check your email, at least until the coffee is on. (No rush.) Step out onto the wide, inviting porch, and ease into the day. Take a deep breath, the air is read more

Learn, Grow, Serve | Interview with Sand Hill Elementary School Principal, Wally Baird | Part 1

02.15.2017 | Community News, News & Events

At Summers Corner, high-quality schools are non-negotiable. Our community is part of highly acclaimed Dorchester District Two- rated excellent for three consecutive years on the annual state report card. Children who live at Summers Corner will attend the new, state-of-the art Sand Hill Elementary School. At the helm is Principal Dr. Wally Baird. We recently read more

Home Is Where Your Stuff Is

12.29.2016 | Community News, News & Events

In our increasingly transient world few stay in one place for long, so I feel blessed to have grown up in one home during my formative years, and to have had it in our family for almost six decades. I must admit, however, that the older I get, the more bittersweet the trips back there read more