A Little Bit About the People Behind Summers Corner

We’re WestRock, a Fortune 500 company with deep roots in the Charleston region. Since the late 1920s, we’ve owned and managed this land for its timber. And as the region grows, we feel a deep responsibility to preserve the rural character of the land, to protect its environmental and cultural treasures, and to enrich the lives of the people who live, work and visit here.

Summerville SC Lake

We've brought in the best local and national talent to create a new model for town-building—one that weaves together beautiful new homes, artful parks, natural open spaces and local retail offerings to form a tight-knit community. It all comes together in a place that looks both forward and back—as we celebrate the small-town feel of Summerville and the easy, friendly cadence of life in the Lowcountry.


Thanks to the East Edisto Conservancy, over 53,000 acres of this land will remain permanently undeveloped and reserved for wildlife habitats and traditional rural land uses—maintaining its heritage and character forever.

Summerville SC Community Gate


Summers Corner is part of the East Edisto region, a vast area between the Edisto and Ashley Rivers, spanning Dorchester and Charleston Counties. This land is teeming with Lowcountry history, and for hundreds of years, has been a working landscape of farms and rural communities.

For you, as a resident of Summers Corner, this means a lot. It means that the landscape around your community, and stretching far away to the south, will continue to be a place of forests, fields, marshes and lakes. It means having the rare treasure of rural land close to town. And knowing that your community is part of a much bigger picture.